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March 11, 2012
|  filed under: Engagement, Family

I think Granville Island is one of the best places in Canada. I know Canada like the back of my hand (meaning, not at all), but I fell in love with the whimsy and charm of this little corner of Vancouver, BC. For part of Nat’s birthday present , Dave arranged to have a fun couple’s photo shoot. They hadn’t had photos together in years, so I felt honored to spend the afternoon capturing their giggles and sweet whispers of sweet nothings. I’ve known Dave and Nat for many years, so the photo session was more like a fun date with old friends where I just so happened to have my camera with me… and happened to be posing and checking out nooks for good lighting and crannies for spare change… I mean potential for background elements! After hardly being able to turn a corner without feeling some urge to stop walking and start shooting, we finished the frist part of the session at Granville island then headed into an older, almost Parisian part of town (Gastown) for some moody, early evening lit shots, where I think I’ve captured one of my all time favorite images to date (the one of Dave and Nat kissing in the middle of an old cobblestone/brick street with the lights surrounding them). I’m pretty excited with the variety of settings from this session, and I’m even more excited to go back and shoot at either Granville Island or gastown in Vancouver (any Canadians out there reading this, I’m up for hire!). So after you are done looking at Dave and Nat’s smiles and playfulness… check out Nat’s blog, where she shared some of her favorites from the day. She has a great style of writing, so after you’re finished reading her blog and realize an hour has passed, consider yourself warned ;)


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